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01:33 Hymie multiple guhls now!
01:33 Hymie Guhl: I found you some VERY good cheddar cheese
01:34 Hymie Guhl: are you in the eurozone or what not?
01:37 MissyVixen he is in france
01:37 Hymie MissyVixen: he will become angry at you now
01:37 MissyVixen why ?
01:38 Hymie you just wait missy!
01:38 Hymie you
01:38 Hymie just
01:38 Hymie WAIT!
01:38 Hymie you shall see
01:38 Hymie you, and your good time pals!
01:38 Hymie laughing it up, chortling it over
01:38 Hymie while guhl plots
01:38 Hymie and plans
01:38 MissyVixen i dont have many of those
01:38 MissyVixen besides, im plotting on my own accord :P
01:38 MissyVixen i want my name to become a household name for nerds around the world like Vonnegut and Clark
01:39 Hymie hmm, two things... become a goatse famous person, or become evil in some other way -- like SCO
01:41 MissyVixen uh
01:41 MissyVixen i was thinking author :P
01:41 Hymie you could be like 'friday' in the heinlein novel
01:41 Hymie that'd make you famous
01:41 Hymie everyone knows friday
01:42 MissyVixen i do not
01:42 Hymie yeah, but you're not a teenage geeky guy reading sci-fi
01:42 Hymie google friday
01:42 MissyVixen no im a 20 something dorky chick no one likes
01:42 Hymie that's not friday
01:43 Hymie do you read sci-fi btw?
01:43 MissyVixen i do read hard scifi
01:44 MissyVixen i do not read dime store sex filled scifi, or space lazer battles, or romance plays in space
01:44 Hymie and you don't know who heinlein is? or just the book?
01:44 Hymie (and yes, you would not classify his style of writing as 'hard sci-fi' today, but he was hard sci-fi in his era)
01:45 MissyVixen i dont know the book or the author
01:45 Hymie my god
01:45 Hymie he's one of the big three from the golden age of sci-fi
01:45 Hymie him, clark, and asimov
01:45 Hymie they're they big three
01:45 MissyVixen apparently i never liked him
01:45 MissyVixen and i only have asimovs educational books, not any of his novels
01:46 Hymie it's older sci-fi, it does have a flavour.. but, not knowing about them, is bizarre.. any of them. as in, 'well, you'd have heard of the guy'
01:46 Hymie anyhow
01:47 Hymie I could give you 15 book names, but you'd say 'meh' and move on
01:47 Hymie so, I refuse!
01:47 Hymie you hear me!
01:47 Hymie REFUSE!
01:47 Hymie !!!!!
01:47 MissyVixen meh
01:47 MissyVixen ill just move on :P
01:48 Hymie see!
01:48 Hymie SEE!
01:49 MissyVixen right now i think its blow shit up time in a space dogfighter game
06:25 Gurnard Hello, the cyanogenmod wiki directed me here due to an md5sum#2 error
06:26 Gurnard Much appreciation for anyone willing to assist
06:27 Gurnard Wait, let me look at the links at the top before anyone spends any time
06:43 Gurnard Ah, found the solution in the logs.
06:43 Gurnard Thanks to coldsun15 for helping someone else in the past