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00:00 Guhl if i look at pictures of my grandparents it's about half of them having a mustache like that in the early 30s
00:00 Hymie look at all the beards that muslims wear -- hitler had the same effect, but in reverse, which says a lot for someone we don't want to assocaite with -- that is, we allow that influence
00:00 Guhl yeah weird
00:01 Hymie you know, it would be a sad thing if God just didn't like that mustache, and created hitler to stop its use
00:01 Hymie fairly hardcore, if true
00:01 Hymie sort of an extreme cathloic god
00:01 Hymie on the flip side, it almost absolves hitler -- if he was merely a tool created and controled by the fates
00:02 Hymie that is, juset to remove those mustaches
00:02 Hymie
00:03 Guhl that could make up a good book
00:03 Hymie listen to the song!!
00:04 Guhl need to go get a headset
00:05 Hymie hrm, sorry it involved work, it is a mild topical amusement ;)
00:09 Guhl no problem just don't want to wake the girls
00:11 Guhl nice amusement
00:11 Hymie that's a fairly funny show from time to time
00:12 Guhl yeah you already sent some good links from time to time
00:12 Hymie as you know, it's a large country here
00:13 Hymie often I'll take a drive for a few hours here and there, and it's fun to listen to radio plays and such
00:15 Hymie I like the older radio shows
00:15 Hymie even 30 years ago
00:15 Hymie where they were really, really good at manual special effects
00:15 Guhl somehow that genre disappeared here on the radio
00:16 Hymie it's just vanishing a little bit now, the CBC still has some shows though, like the one you just heard (that's part of an hour long comedy show)
00:16 Hymie or 1/2 hour, not sure
00:17 Hymie btw, you fly often -- do you take longer flights? 6 hours or more?
00:20 Hymie is going to find nourishment
00:21 Hymie guhl -- like a ghost in the night ;)
00:21 Guhl99 i forgot to connect my nb to power
00:22 Hymie hah
00:22 Hymie that'll learn ya
00:23 Guhl99 it made it quite long given that it's got my usb3 hdd and two phones connected to it
00:24 Hymie heh, yes
00:24 Hymie man .. so, remember how incompetent and disorginized is?
00:25 Guhl99 yeah - how did that turn out
00:25 Hymie as expected. and amusingly, they have a post-interview quality control survey
00:26 Hymie I responded with very pointed info, such as how useless and absurd it was to waste my time, money and energy by not showing up to the very interview that they scheduled
00:26 Hymie and, how it was even more silly considering they were in the boat fiscally too
00:26 Hymie response? none. apologies? none.
00:28 Guhl99 but the service is cool. been driving through italy lately, near lucca and we needed a place to stay
00:28 Guhl99 a freind took out her phone and the app
00:28 Guhl99 and within minutes booked to rooms in a really nice b&b
00:29 Guhl99 when we arrived there 30 minutes later everything was prepared and ready for us
00:29 Hymie it may be.. but, they doubled in size last year, and this year too, and again they may next year -- now they can't even perform proper intervies, and you can bet I let everyone know about the entire process -- it doesn't take long for word to get around
00:29 Hymie after the interview, I looked at satisfaction ratings for employers... theirs was *very* low
00:30 Hymie even with the obvious shills pushing and voting them up
00:30 Hymie if they don't watch it -- they'll have a hard time finding good talent
00:31 Guhl99 sure i would not buy shares from them anyway
00:33 Guhl99 thats the problem with all these companies - they need to hire talented people
00:33 Guhl99 thats the asset for creative services
00:33 Guhl99 the basic service itself it to easy substitutable
00:34 Hymie quite
00:34 Hymie they had no idea how to do what they were doing either, crazy development methods, bizarre and crazy hacks to sustain growth -- because they can't control how devs use resources, the liset goes on
00:35 Hymie very, very, VERY disorginized
00:35 Hymie I could chop their IT budget in 1/10th, I kid you not, just be telling devs "stop being fucking stupid"
00:35 Hymie imagine a world where a DBA can't tell a dev not to use a query that is eating up resources
00:35 Hymie (just a FYI, a poorly crafted mysql query can result in a response of 0.01s going up to 20 minutes or more
00:36 Hymie )
00:36 Hymie sure, you can throw hardware at it, and hack things
00:36 Hymie or hey -- here's an idea! maybe you develop a common code base, and enforce the use of a keystore like memcached or some such, monitor for poor queries and police them, etc
00:37 Hymie but not -- just work in isolated teams that don't coordinate or work cooperatively to use resources for the betterment of the company
00:37 Hymie tha'ts
00:37 Guhl99 of course - nobody is reading his ( books anymore
00:38 Guhl99 Hymie, it's time for me to hit the sack
00:39 Hymie well, you don't have to read his books to know that pissing away resources due to disorginization is absurd and silly
00:39 Hymie they have too muc hmoney
00:39 Hymie ok
00:39 Hymie l8r man
00:39 Guhl99 my girls are ill and i will be in charge tomorrow morning
00:39 Hymie I will go take a sack out back and hit it with a stick
00:39 Hymie to help you hit it! ;P
00:39 Hymie charge of what? not europe?
00:39 Hymie runs
00:40 Guhl99 the first thing i would do if i was in charge in europe it to scrap the ceta agreement with you crazy Canadians
00:41 Hymie is it because you have to mandatorially eat seal meat due to it?
00:41 Guhl99 before you can flood our market with that salted rubber you call cheese :-P
00:42 Hymie hey now hold on you sob
00:42 Hymie our cheddar is good, some of it
00:42 Hymie some of course is not
00:42 Hymie but the good is GOOD
00:42 Hymie !!!
00:44 Guhl99 hey the logging bot is still here :-)
00:55 grepper I installed this one, working great. ( cm10.1)
00:55 grepper cept my 5ghz network is not shown. No big deal, 2ghz is fine.